The website is only a site of demonstration as it doesn’t requires fees from users, spymain.com is totally free and no information is tracked, they are only displaced through the use of API GRAPH Facebook that are free and accessible.
The site isn’t responsible in any situation as well as, but it is not limited to negligence. For both direct and indirect special, financial, damages that are consequently related to inability or abuse when using the website or materials from the website and in fact, representatives have been told of the damages responsibility in question.
The website does not support promulgates or piracy in any situation or event, the users have the responsibility to examine the information within his profile or through the permission of a third party. Although, the information provided is public and they are available through the use of API GRAPH Facebook, the case here will be that of the public api because all information is accessible by everyone. The users have to ensure he is legal based on his country’s law. Minor users’ needs the consent of their parents before using the site.
The sites that are linked to the site with hypertext are not controlled by the site and thus, it is not responsible for any information or content on the site. The responsibility is within the users.
Comments on the website operation can be sent via a note by clicking on “help” or through the use of this address.
The product as well as the services that are offered by the website as to do with documentation that deals with methods of hacking. The users are not allowed to make use of the information for the purpose of committing a crime because any actions that is contrary to the law of paying. br˃ information that will be sent via the internet can be intercepted using the network and not until we get them, there is no guarantee of their confidentiality.
The users have the responsibility to obey the law of his country, the site is not responsible for any kind of act that is fraudulent regarding to how information sold on the site are used. You are notified that making use of the information as well as the software should be based on legal reasons such as to recover information or to examine or test the reliability/vulnerability of your account or systems.
The terms of use that are provided are authorized by law and governed by French language. Users of the services provided on the site accept that any form of complaint or dispute that are related to the operation of the site services would be settled in the court of law. The terms and conditions are subject to change at any point of time, most especially during technical, jurisdiction or when new services are provided. The users should ensure that they check the site for new development from time to time and they are to stop using the services if they disapprove of it or accept it without any reservation. Disapproval simply means leaving the site and making use of the site, simply means approval and acceptance of the new terms and conditions.
Should in case dispute should occur from the site administrator, users or third parties that relates to the use of the services, only the new version of the terms of the services that has been provided by the site will be binding to the parties irrespective of the fact’s date. When the case in not settled amicably any form of dispute that is likely to arise between the parties regarding the execution, termination, formation, or interpretation of the contract be solemnly be addressed by the courts jurisdiction of the country of Loire and also in cases regarding the summary requests, plurality of the defenders and proceedings.

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