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Best Tracker for Parental

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whatsapp spy

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps ?

Enter numbЁr

It’s as easy as entering number , so you’ll be ready to mon-itor their activity in no time.


Everyone’s needs are different, so we’ve got multiple plans that work for you.

Start monitΘring

Once setup is finished, access your dashboard and start mФnitoring their device.

Features ?

What Makes Us Stand Out

You won’t find another number  tяackeя Site that can boast such an arsenal of features.

Whats tЯackЁr

See their Whats chat and activity , the parental control site that does more than you think.

Current Location

Find out where your loved ones are and gain peace of mind, knowing they’re safe.

Easy to Use

We provide an assembled system to offer easy access to our solution. Hence, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.


We jump through the nodes of different countries for ensuring 100% anonymity. So, you can tяack without worrying.

all devices compatible

The App works with both Android and IOS phones and is FREE to use.

Reviews USERS ?

Robert Mudd
Fritz Stetler
Cather Bishop

Spymain Review

Excellent tool! I put my sister's phone number and I spied whatsapp, what I could see afterwards left me shocked

Spymain review

Wow! It really works. I put my husband's phone number and saw all his whatsapp. I discovered things that I did not know ...

Spymain review

I finally found a tool to spy WhatsApp that works well! I was able to spy on my boyfriend's conversations and found that he was cheating me

Customers served! 30000 + happy customers

Guessing doesn’t work. spymain does.


Stop relying on a hunch.
Find out the truth.

Know more. Worry less. That’s the power of SpyMain, the site that lets you find out what they’re up to on their phone and online. And they won’t even know you’re using it.

FAQ If Any Questions Left ?
What is a number tracker?

is an site designed to let you see what’s happening on someone else’s phone, all without having to physically look over their shoulder. The best remote number tracker sites work in hidden mode, so they won’t even know you’re using it.

How does a number tracker tracker work?

If you want to track a cell phone, you need to install special software on the device you want to monitor. Once installed, seeing what’s on their phone is as easy as logging in to your phone tracker account and browsing through your own personal dashboard.

Is it legal to use SpyMain number tracker?

You can use the SpyMain phone tracking site to keep tabs on your children if they’re considered minors. What’s more, you can use mobile tracking site to track others as long as you have their explicit consent to do so. If not, you should think twice about using phone monitoring site. And no matter what, consider checking your local laws before using SpyMain.

Can you monitor a phone without installing software?

Depending on which kind of device you’re using and whether or not it’s jailbroken or rooted, the installation process varies.